Crazy for Cannolis at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe!

DSC_0920A cannoli is the type of dessert that needs to be made the right way to result in the same great taste every time. At Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe, we pride ourselves in being one of the leading pastry shoppe’s that has the most sought-after cannolis on Staten Island!

Customers are crazed over our cannolis. They are made fresh daily, with top of the line quality ingredients. The famous cannoli filling is made up of whipped ricotta cheese and folded into the creamy mixture is confectioners sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla extract and a bit of lemon zest, which boosts the overall flavor of the filling.

The shell of this delicious pastry is made up of fresh homemade dough that is prepared and cut into the appropriate portions, which is then wrapped around a cannoli mold and fried for about 2-3 minutes, resulting in a golden, crunchy shell. The filling is then pipe-lined into both ends of the pastry shell, so that the confectionery filling is compacted into the shell; allowing every bite of the pastry to ooze with the rich, luscious, and creamy filling. For a decorative and delicious finishing touch, a sprinkling of confectioners sugar over the top adds a final delightful taste that will leave your sweet tooth singing.

Don’t go another day without coming in for our freshly made cannolis. Come into Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe today and pick up a box of the cannolis that Staten Islanders go crazy for.

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