Fresh Fruit Tart Cake at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe!

DSC_0045With the unpredictability of Spring’s weather, there’s no definite knowing of what the weather will be. Although, at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe, we surely predict that our freshly made Fruit Tart Cake is the epitome of desserts for this time of year, and will make your taste buds sing!

Our Fruit Tart Cake is one of our classic specialty cakes at Alfonso’s. Made with a sugar cookie dough crust, that is baked until golden brown, it makes for a crisp base for the mouth watering fresh filling. Before the fruit is the rich, thick and smooth pastry cream, which is poured into the cookie crust base. The beauty of a fruit tart cake is there are endless selections of fruits that can appear on a fruit tart. Traditionally, the cake is layered with fruits that are coated with a hinted of simple syrup; a base of strawberries, followed by a ring of succulent peaches and kiwis, and all topped with a few grapes. Our Fruit Tart Cakes are also available in mini pastries for your convenience.

With every bite of our fruit tart cake, you will taste the many different layers of fresh products baked within the cake, and is the ideal treat you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Be sure to come into Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe to pick up some delicious Fruit Tart Cake today!



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