Amboy road has an entire showcase dedicated to butter cookies and two racks of Italian biscuits.  Page avenue has these cookies pre-boxed or in our cookie trays, but they can be ordered by the pound separately with 24 hours notice

Both stores carry:rainbow-cookie-800
Black and white cookies
Linzer tarts
Sugar cookies

Butter cookies:
Rainbow cookies
Pignoli cookies (gluten free)
Amaretti cookies (gluten cookies)
Mini linzer tarts
Cherry dot
Chocolate dot
1/2 dipped jelly sandwich
Chocolate buttercream sandwichitalcookies800
Apricot sandwich (contains peanuts)
Jelly dot with chocolate drizzle
Dutch boys (chocolate and vanilla)
1/2 dipped sprinkle cookies (we usually carry three different kinds depending on the holiday/season)
Crochenol (gluten free and not 100% sure on the spelling of this one)
Lace cookie
Chocolate covered pretzels ( fall and winter only)

Dietetic butter cookies:
Raspberry spritz
Chocolate chip
Orange fan
Coconut macaroon

Italian biscuits:
1/2 dipped
Chocolate sprinkle
Cherry dot
1/2 dipped jelly stick
Powdered jelly stick
Cucidatti (fig cookie)
Crescent (contains peanuts)colorfulcookies800
Multi sprinkle
Lemon drop
Seeded S
Plain S

We also carry pre boxed certified gluten free cookies: chocolate chip or fruit infused oatmeal

Please note that while we make gluten free items we are not a gluten free establishment and bake with flour and other items with gluten in the same space