Refreshing Rainbow Cookies

DSC_0910Summer is just around the corner, and with the new season come all things light, bright, and refreshing. At Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe, our Rainbow Cookies fit that description perfectly!

As one top pastry shoppe’s on Staten Island, Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe carries the finest in desserts, cookies, pastries and the like. The Rainbow Cookies are no exception. Baked to perfection, the Rainbow Cookies are made up of sponge cake with an almond paste base, resulting in a  light and airy cookie. Each layer of batter for the cookie is appropriately colored with food coloring; one portion of the batter is red, the other green, and the last portion is left as is. Once the cake portions have baked and are cooled, it is time to assemble the cookie. Little squares of the cake are cut and assembled one on top of another and In between the each cookie layer is either be a thin spread of raspberry or apricot jam. As a finishing touch, the cookie is either completely dipped in a rich chocolate coating, or the chocolate is drizzled on top.

Stop by Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe today to pick up a box of delightful, light and fluffy Rainbow Cookies.

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