St. Joseph’s Day at Alfonso’s

St. Joseph’s Day falls on Thursday, March 19th. You still have time come to Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe to pick up some of our famous and freshly made Sfingi or Zeppole pastry

to share with your family and friends.


DSC_0523You don’t have to be Italian to enjoy our specially made pastries for St. Joseph’s Day. Our Sfingi pastries light in texture and rich in flavor. Also known in Italy as, “Sfingi di San Giuseppe”, you cannot go wrong with this classic, must-have dessert.The shell of the pastry is airy and light, and the it meets it’s match with the thick, rich and flavorful cannoli cream; stuffed inside of the pastry and smothered on the outside and topped with a cherry, this dessert packs a sweet punch.


DSC_0532Our Zeppole pastries are appetizingly sweet, and a go-to dessert for St. Joseph’s Day. The pastry is cooked to golden perfection. The shell itself is light and fluffy on the inside, with a slightly harden shell on the outside. The pastry is filled, covered and smothered with light and airy pastry cream. This pastry packs on the sweet flavors with each bite, and is something that everyone will enjoy!


Be sure to visit either of our locations at Amboy Rd or Page Ave to inquire about how you can order a box of freshly made Sfingi or Zeppole pastries just in time for St. Joseph’s Day.



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