Take a Bite of Bread at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe

bread4pc - CopyAfter all of the holiday treats and desserts, you may want to change your palate to something more hearty and savory. Come into Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe to grab a loaf, or two, of your favorite freshly baked bread!

DSC_0244With a laundry list of breads to choose from, that are freshly made every day — plain breads, breads with stuffing, semi-sweet breads, and breads baked with different grains; at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe, we basically have any type of bread you would be looking for.

If you fancy a more simple, but tasty loaf, our Pumpernickel bread is one of the best selections; dark in color, healthy, and rich in flavor, this would make a fine selection to create a hearty sandwich for lunch, or accompany a flavorsome dinner soup.

DSC_0246Or if you’re more of a classic bread fan, we bake all of our old favorites daily – Italian, French, Round semolina bread, and many more!

For a more exotic bread of choice, our Sun-dried Tomato loaf is one of the finer choices that is baked with a mouthful of flavor. With each bite, you get to experience soft baked bread, accompanied by the satisfying taste of a smoky, roasted, sun-dried tomato.


Be sure to come into Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe and pick up some of your favorite varieties of bread today.


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