tirapcA Tiramisu cake is one of those desserts that is highly decadent and rich in flavor and creamy smooth in texture. Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe, the leading pastry shop on Staten Island makes the most delicious Tiramisu cakes that are fit for any occasion and is a dessert that everyone will enjoy.
Our Tiramisu cake tastes simply divine and looks absolutely luxurious. Creamy mascarpone cheese filling is sandwiched in between layers of espresso soaked lady finger biscuits. To decorate, light and fluffy whipped cream is piped all around the cake, and then lined with more lady fingers, all around the outside and top of the cake. Decorative dollops of whipped cream are placed at the top, followed with some white chocolate shavings and the signature “Tiramisu” sign stuck in the middle, all made from white chocolate. To finish off the decor, the entire cake is lightly dusted with espresso powder.
Come into Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe today and pick up a box of freshly made Tiramisu cake. It is the ideal after meal dessert that is a definite crowd pleaser at dinner parties and events. For more information about our cakes, or any of our baked goods, feel free to visit us at any of our locations.

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