Welcome Spring at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe!

Welcome Spring at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe. Come in, enjoy, and take home an assortment of our delectable cookies!


DSC_1005Nothing like a fresh batch of cookies to welcome in the new season! At Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe, our bakers pride themselves on the wide selections of cookies we have to offer our beloved customers. Black and white cookies, Linzer Tarts and Sugar cookies are an all-time favorite that anyone is sure to enjoy. Our range of Butter cookies is endless. From our classic soft and sweet Rainbow Cookies, our rich and delightful Chocolate Dot cookies, to our flavorful Amaretti cookies, and much more; your taste buds will sing in delight at the endless options of freshly baked and homemade treats.


DSC_0885We also bake a range of Italian biscuits. Our mouthwatering Chocolate Sprinkle biscuits are a classic, and everyone young and old will surely enjoy! Jelly lovers rejoice with the sweet and sticky Powdered Jelly Stick. Our Lemon Drop biscuits offer customers the taste of a biscuit with a touch of tangy lemon. There is something sweet for everyone to experience at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe.


DSC_0977These are just some of the multi varieties of cookies we bake at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe. Come visit us at either of our Page Ave or Amboy Road locations today to get an assorted box of your favorite cookies.


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