We’re in Industry Magazine!

Recently, Industry Magazine ran an article about our famous and world renowned cannolis, and we’re happy to see the “cannoli craze” on the rise.

Throughout the article, Justine Campitiello explains the joys of having her family work at Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe for decades and how she realized that working in the bakery was her one true calling. She expressed, “I realized I can’t pick a career because it’s here. My job was here. This was it . . . 100 percent,” Justine also sees her work as not only work, but more like spending time with family, since becoming the owner of the Amboy Road location of Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe.

The article goes on headline the types of pastries that Alfonso’s makes – every type of cookie, cake, pies, and especially gluten-free desserts to meet customers dietary restrictions. In addition, the article seeks out what the public’s favorite pastry/dessert is from Alfonso’s. The first answer comes from Justine as she says, “Without a shadow of a doubt, no ifs, ands, or buts about it . . . it’s the cannoli” The second choice amongst customers is the beloved rainbow cookie.

To take a look at the full article, you can visit Industry’s website, http://industrym.com/cannoli-craze/.

This just goes to show that our cannolis truly are one of the best pastries, and we are proud to be known for it. It also puts a smile on our faces knowing just how much people on Staten Island love our cannolis, and our next mission is to get this “cannoli craze” spread throughout the rest of the boroughs! Be sure to stop by Alfonso’s today to pick up and share the delightful experience of our cannolis with family and friends.

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